Identifying your Target Audience – Finding a Niche

It is common for businesses, companies to create products, services that appeal to a set of people called ' Target Audience ' i.e people who are the potential buyers of the products.

Consider the following examples :

Nestle, Maggi – Maggi is a brand synonymous with Noodles in India. Who are the buyers for it ?
a. Office goers, students who want things to be tasty and cooked fastly.
b. Working Moms who have minimal time to cook breakfast for their kids yet want to provide a healthy breakfast

You see the Maggi adverts, packaging designed to resonate with the thoughts of their target buyers

• 2 Minute Noodles

• Fast to Cook Good to Eat

• Taste Bhi Health Bhi (for Good Taste and Health)

Similarily the creation of your products starts with identifying the ‘target audience’ what most of the sellers called ‘Niche’. Niche is a group of people with common interests, feelings, stance. Niche is a much refined form your target audience. They are highly passionate about their interests and buy things that reflect their passions. The whole idea of tshirt selling online lies in identfying a niche, create products that are unique to them.

Examples of Niches:

Hobbies – Photography, Biking, Fitness, Cooking, Playing Chess, Cycling, Painting, Yoga

Professions – Accoutants, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Developers, Human Resources

Sports – Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Sports teams, Sports personalities their quotes

Social Issues, Cultures, Family, Relations, Events, Beards and many more

The scope is limited but you have to weigh in the following thoughts before selecting your niche

• Is my Niche Big enough ?

• Are they passionate of their hobby / professions / interests ?

• Do they shop online ?

• Will they have access to Internet, Online Banking ?

• Is my niche targetable via Facebook Ads ?

Most of the campaigners who fail are the ones who create a design and then look out for audiences. Instead it works the other way IDENTIFY A NICHE -> CREATE PRODUCTS FOR THE NICHE -> PROMOTE -> SCALE UP
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