Who all can use My Dream Store

My Dream Store is a free platform open for every Individual, Hobby clubs, Fan Groups, Music Bands, Social Media Pages, NGOs, Student groups, and Entrepreneurs. Be it a fund raising activity, starting your online business, making a t-shirt for your gang, showing support for a cause – My Dream Store is the place to launch your campaign with Zero upfront costs and no hassles.

From the time we launched we have been getting repeat campaigns from the following groups.

1. Budding Entrepreneurs
Our no investment, no risk model is suited for all kinds of start-up. Budding marketers can make use of our platform to gather a large market and sell T-shirts through us. There is no hassle as we take care of the entire logistics.

2. Online Marketers
Know the tricks and trade of Online marketing? My Dream Store is the ideal platform to launch your campaign and reach out the relevant audience.

3. Designers
Fancy yourself a good designer but don’t know how to set up a store? My Dream Store is the perfect platform to help you to make that happen. Make your T-shirt in our design Studio and get going!

4. Music Bands
Merchandise and other collectibles get fans more enthusiastic about music bands. Sell cool, quirky t-shirts to your fans right away without worrying about costs, dead stock, shipping or returns. We can scale up to any size, so don’t worry, just set a goal!

5. Fundraising/NGO activities
If you are looking to build awareness about your cause and at the same time raise funds for your organisation – Start a campaign with us! Believers in your cause can purchase the t-shirt and we will deliver all across the country. You don’t have to worry about costs or stock. Leave all that to us!

6. Online Communities
Owners of popular online communities can monetise on their fame and brand by adopting our model. Create a cool T-shirt and make the most of your blog/group/Facebook Community. Bring together like-minded followers and make this enterprise a recognisable brand in its own right.

7. Schools and Colleges
Wearing your pride on your T-shirt is the norm. Now you can create unforgettable iconic T-shirts for your Class, School or College. Promote it to your classmates without worrying about sizing or payments. All this and many more! Use your imagination and just create that iconic T-shirt and promote it as much as possible and enjoy a cult following!

Our NO LOSS, ONLY PROFIT model makes My Dream Store an ideal platform for any  individual, budding entrepreneurs, NGO's to launch their campaigns.
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