When will Campaigners get their payout?

Campaigners are eligible to get their payment once their campaign becomes successful. We have introduced the daily payment based on campaign end date and order delivery date. So you can now receive money from us EVERY DAY for all your successful campaigns!

This is how the new payment system works.

COD Orders - Payout will be processed next working day after the order delivery date (Delivered Date + 1 day )

Example: A COD order is delivered to the buyer on 6th December, you will now get your payout on 7th December.

Prepaid Orders - For prepaid orders payouts will be processed within three working days from the campaign closure date (Campaign End Date + 3 days)

Example: Campaign ends on 6th December, you will now get your payout corresponding to prepaid orders by 9th December irrespective of dispatch and delivery timelines.

Here is an illustration explaining the same

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