Track your Facebook Ad Conversions using Pixels

My Dream Store enables you to track conversions of a Facebook ad campaign by saving Pixel ID in your "Campaign Settings" dashboard. Follow the below steps to enable conversion tracking for your product campaigns.

1. Sign into your Facebook Ads Manager, Click on ‘Tools’ and Select ‘Pixels’

2. Now go to the ‘Conversion Tracking Pixel’ tab and Click on ‘Create Pixel’

3. You will notice a pop up. Choose the ‘Checkouts’ from the drop down menu.

4. Type in the Pixel name and hit on ‘Create Pixel’ button.

5. You will notice a pop up displaying Pixel Code. Don’t be petrified with this, just click on the ‘Done’ Button.

6. Copy the ‘Pixel ID’ number displayed below ‘Check Out Pixel’ in Pixel Name column.

7. Now go to ‘My Campaigns’ tab in My Dream Store Dashboard and choose the T-Shirt campaign for which you want to track the conversions and Click on Settings Icon.

8. Select the Facebook Conversion Pixel tab and paste your Pixel ID and hit on ‘Save’ button.

9. Now when you launch a Facebook Ad campaign, after pasting the campaign URL, choose the Pixel Name that you used for Conversion Tracking and click ‘Continue’ to set up your ads.

10. From now on for every campaign you have opted to Choose Conversion Pixel option, you will notice the number of conversions for your campaigns in the ‘Results’ columns of Ads Manager dashboard .

Track your campaign conversions using Facebook Conversion Pixel. You can enable this by clicking on the Campaign Settings Icon  in the Campaign Dashboard and saving the conversion pixel.
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