Reviewing your Facebook Ads – An Introduction

Reviewing your Facebook ads is the most important phase of your campaigns. Once your ads are up and running and you will see different metrics arranged in columns in your Ads Manager. The ability to gain insights from these metrics and taking corrective actions will help you save your money, time and improves your advertising ROI.

These are the basic columns that you see when you login to your Ads manager

The number of actions as a result of your ad. These results are based on the objective you chose for the campaign like Engagement, Clicks, Conversions etc

The number of unique users to which your ad was shown.

The average cost incurred for your desired objective (Cost per Engagement / Cost per Click /Cost per Conversion etc)

The maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on a daily basis.

5.Amount Spent:
The total amount of money that was spent for the selected date range in your ads manager

The above metrics are the default columns that appear in your ads manager

Facebook has a very good visual reporting of Demographics like Age, Gender, Placement that can help you understand questions like what age groups, genders are giving you the results. Which placement (Mobile, Desktop Right Column, Instagram) is performing better etc

The above representation gives me the following insights -

• There are more conversions in men but higher conversion percent in women.

• Conversion cost for women is less when compared to men.

• I had more conversions from mobile compared to the desktop.

These insights will help scaling up your campaigns by refining your adsets and target the better performing age groups, gender and other demographics.

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