Using Google Analytics to Track Sales

Google Analytics is a multi-faceted tool which will help you track various aspects on consumer behaviour. This insight into consumer behaviour is invaluable while trying to sell your t-shirts online. The correct use and interpretation of Google Analytics data will result in potentially higher ROI!

The kind of data that Google Analytics provides:
• See how many people are currently viewing your campaign page, and what percentage of them came from a Facebook advertisement you created
• View the number of conversions (and revenue) generated from one landing page you created, versus another
• Track the number of people viewing your campaign page from international locations
• Record how many of your purchases came from within which age-group or gender

So let’s get started!

How to setup my Google Analytics Account with My Dream Store?

1. Click on -

2. Click on ‘Sign Up’ option. .

3. Fill in the required details as shown below.

4. Click on ‘Get Tracking ID’ button to get Tracking ID.

5. You will be getting a Tracking ID now. A Tracking ID looks like - UA-102450361-1 Please Copy the Tracking ID as well.

6.Now, Login to your My Dream Store Account. Go to Profile Settings.

7. Paste the Tracking ID - UA-102450361-1 on Google Analytics box and click ‘Save’ button.

8.Now, your Google Analytics account and My Dream Store account are linked. Go to to track your visitor info such as Demographics, Conversions, Visits etc.

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