Sales tracking on Campaigns Dashboard

The Campaigner dashboard is the locker room to find out finer and real time insights of your sales and campaigns. This article will give you walkthrough of the Campaigner Dashboard on My Dream Store.

To Access Campaigner Dashboard,
1. Login to your My Dream Store Account to view your Dashboard. Incase you are logged into your Buyer Dashboard you can toggle by clicking ‘Switch to Campaigner Dashboard’ button.

2. In Dashboard home page you will see a panel showing overview of Total Products Sold, Estimated Profits made for the current day. You can view this data with predefined timelines.

Scroll below you will find the graphical views of Total Products Sold, Campaigns Launched and Estimated Profits on a custom time range.

4. Below the graphs comes the campaigns section where you will find ‘Campaign Cards’ showing information related to a campaign's performance. You can filter the Campaign Cards depending on the Status of a campaign.

5) If you click on a Campaign Card you can see further info related to payout and the provision to download Campaign Report.

Campaign Card is also a place where campaigners can perform the following Actions:

Campaign Settings
This is the page where the campaigners can reduce their campaign goal, close a campaign, convert payment, enable and disable settings related to Private Campaign, Affiliates.

Edit Campaign
This is help you in modifying the Campaign Title, Description and Category.

Campaign Analytics
This is the place where you can have a Funnel View of your campaign i.e Views -> Add to Carts -> Sales.
You can also create trackable URLs and run campaigns to find out which channels are giving you best conversions. You can also see referral sources that are driving traffic to your page.

Auto-relaunch Campaigns
This helps you in setting your campaign on Auto Pilot mode and you just to set the campaign duration after which campaign is relaunched automatically.

Campaign Report
Honesty and Transparency is at the core of our business. Campaign Report is your in depth source of information pertaining to a campaign. This is a place where you will see real time data of an order status, profit you made on a particular order, buyer location, payment status at an order level.

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