Installing New Facebook Pixel

Facebook has introduced the new pixel to make conversion tracking easy. ‘Conversion tracking’ doesn’t just mean tracking the actual number of conversions / purchases / sales. This new pixel is more universal, comprehensive as it can track several events with one simple installation.

The new Facebook Pixel can track events like View Content, Search Content, Add to Cart, Wish List, Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info, Make Purchase etc. This helps users to have real time and deeper insights of the sales funnel.

My Dream Store users can track the following events by installing new Facebook pixel in your account

• View Content

• Add to Cart

• Make Purchase

Here are the steps to install the ‘Facebook Pixel’ in you’re My Dream Store account:

1. Go to your Adverts Manager, Click on Pixels Tab/Button.

2. Click on Copy & Paste the code option.

3.Copy the 16-Digit Pixel Code.

4. Now, Login to your My Dream Store Account. Go to Profile Settings.

5. Paste the Pixel code in ‘New Facebook Conversion Pixel’ tab and Save it.
Now your Facebook Pixel is installed.

Note - Pixels that are newly installed will be Inactive. It gets activated once any of the events such as View Content/Add to Cart/Purchase are triggered.

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