Advanced Promotion – Basics of Facebook Advertising

Earlier we have discussed the importance of identifying target audience before you start designing your t-shirt and why it helps in selling the right product to the right people. Now we tell you the ways to reach out to them using Facebook advertising.

Facebook has changed the way people connect to each other. With over 112 million users in India and 1 billion users globally, it’s the biggest social media platform in the world. Advertisers, Marketers, Companies are relying on Facebook to create brand awareness,acquire new customers and engage with their followers etc.

For a t-shirt marketer, Facebook offers a precise advertising platform where one can target specific people based on Age, Gender, Location, Place of Work, Field of Study and even their Personal Interests.

Look at the following T-shirt design made by one of our campaigner and the targeting parameters
This campaigner successfully sold 50+ t-shirts by running Facebook Ads targeting 'Lawyer' job titles.

Facebook advertising offers the best possible way to market t-shirts to your niches. It has been proven through several successful campaigner testimonials, where our star campaigners say that promoting their campaigns through Facebook ads really gave them that extra push and an edge over other campaigns.

Visit our Next Lesson to know different types of ads you can create using Facebook.

Facebook ads offer you the best possible ways to promote campaigns to your niches!
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