Common Facebook Ad Types: Choosing a Campaign Objective

In this section, we will go through the common ad types that most of the campaigners use and what works well in different scenarios.

Conversion Ads (WC Ads)

These are the ads in which Facebook tries to optimize and deliver your ad to the people who are most likely to buy. This is the most popular and preferred choice among the successful campaigners as you pay to Facebook based on the purchases you get. Some people also call this as WC Ads ( Website Conversion).

Conversion ads also work when you are targeting to your ads to your assets viz Retargeting Audiences, Visitors, Lookalike audiences etc. Conversion ads also work when the audience / niche sizes are too small where conversions are more important than the traffic or engagement.

To launch a Conversion Ad, Click on ‘Create Ads’ select marketing objective as ‘Conversions’.

Engagement Ads (PPE Ads)

These are the type of adverts that get more people interacting with your ad and the engagement could be seeing, liking, sharing, commenting on your posts. These are also called PPE Ads by some campaigners.

These ads come handy when you already have a well managed community page and want to reach more audience with a lesser cost.

One interesting aspect about PPE Ads is that you can research which audiences are receptive to your designs. This can be done by running PPE ads for a day or two to analyze the engagement metrics as per demographic details like Age, Gender, Location etc. This will help you optimize your ad sets before going for a click ad or conversion ad.

To launch a PPE Ad, Click on ‘Create Ads’ set your Marketing Objective to ‘Engagement’ as shown below

Traffic Ads (CTW Ads)

Traffic ads are useful to drive traffic to your campaign page. Facebook optimizes the ad to get maximum clicks as per your budget. These are also called Clicks to Website (CTW) ads by some campaigners.

Some campaigners intelligently convert this traffic into conversions by creating custom audience lists and then Retargeting. Showcasing ads to your previous visitors will help you get conversions at a lesser cost.

To launch a Traffic Ad, Click on ‘Create Ads’ select ‘Traffic’ as your marketing objective.

Please remember that there is no secret recipe for a successful ad type or objective. Some campaigners use PPE ads, Some use just the conversion ads, Some use mix of Clicks and Conversion ads. Each Campaigner will have to figure out what works out well for him and come up with a strategy of planning his ads.
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