Advanced Promotion – Create a Facebook Ad

As said in the previous chapter, Facebook offers a precise targeting platform to promote products to your niches. Consider example of the following T-Shirt campaign targeting Lawyers. Let us go through a step by step process of how we go about creating Facebook Ad for this campaign.

To create a Facebook ad:
1. Click on the DROP button on the top panel of your Facebook profile page and click ‘Create Ads’

2. Choose the objective for your campaign – Here we select 'Conversions'

3. Enter your Campaign Name.

4. Now Enter the Ad set name and select the conversion event you want to optimize your ads. Facebook enables you to do Conversion Optimization for the events View Content, Add to Cart, Purchase.
Here I have selected ‘Purchase’ that means Facebook will deliver my ads to those who are likely to Buy /Purchase my products.

5. Now scroll down to see the Audience Section. Here you can enter the basic demographic data like Age, Gender, Location, Languages.

6. Next go to detailed targeting. Here you can add several things like Interests, Work, Education etc. Since my target audience is Lawyers and I want to target them based on their Job Titles, I start entering jobs related to Law e.g Lawyer, Advocate, Criminal Lawyer etc and pick the ones tagged Job Titles as shown below. Facebook too helps you giving relevant suggestions which you can quickly add to your interests.

7. Now click on Edit Placements and select the places where you want to show your ads. Select the Device type (Mobile, Desktop or Both) and choose the platform show your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Messenger and Messenger.
Here within Facebook I have selected Feeds and Instant articles as my placement choices.

8. Now enter the budget you want to spend on daily basis and the start date end date for your campaign. Select the Conversion window and set it for 1 day click.
Here my budget of Rs.200 is giving me a estimated reach of 580 - 3000 people. You can see the ‘Estimated Daily Results’ changing dynamically as you adjust your daily budgets.

9. Click ‘Continue’ to create the ad copies. creatives. Now to Run Image posts click on ‘Use Existing Post’

10. Now select the Page from which you want to run your ads and the Image post that you have made previously and click on ‘Place Order’ button

Through Facebook ads, you will get the traction you have no chance of getting organically. You can reach out to a larger audience who will be exactly interested in the t-shirts you are offering – you can select based on their interests and other sub-categories.
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