Create your Facebook Page

Organizations, big or small leverage Facebook pages to drive brand awareness, promote new products to existing customers, acquire new customers, launch offers and for several other marketing objectives.

Companies, Celebrities, Sports Teams, Politicians, Communities, News agencies use Facebook pages to connect with their followers and engage with them on a timely basis.

In this article we explain you how to Create a Facebook Page and make your first post (which you will later use to launch an ad).

To Create a Facebook page

1. Login to your Facebook account and choose Create Page from the drop down menu. You may also visit o to

2. Now select the Page Type, enter your page name and click on ‘Get Started’.

3. Now add a cool Profile Picture and a Cover Picture for your page. Make sure these images connect well with the niche you are targeting.

To make your first image post
4. Now to make your first image post, select ‘Share a photo or video’ option

5. Now upload the image, banner and add good text description with your campaign URL and click Publish.

6. Your image post will now appear like this with campaign URL.

You might not get thousands of followers immediately but it matters to have few hundreds of the people who appreciate your work. You can in fact start slowly and surely with a long, slow incline. Invite a few people to seed your page, and then let organic growth take over. Tend the plant, but don’t expect a forest overnight.

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