Introduction for building your Online Community

If you want to get serious about becoming an online entrepreneur, it is important to build a passionate community. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Community is a ‘group of people having common interests or attitudes’. You can use Facebook Pages, Instagram Accounts to congregate people with similar interests and build a vibrant community that resonate with your content.

Having such online communities will help you to attract users that are highly targeted and engage well with your content. Also selling becomes relatively easy as they are your captive and loyal audience but also they will become strong advocates to the content, products that you post on the page.

Here are the tips that will be useful to start building your community right away:

Selecting a Niche:
Confused what to start with? Don’t worry, write down your hobbies – Are you a Bike Enthusiast? Fitness Freak? You love cooking? – start with a topic that you are comfortable with and really passionate about. Complete the page bio, write a description that connects well with your target audience. Ask your friends to share your page, Follow pages that are related to your niche, Join relevant communities and interact with the users. This will give you a good start.

Right Content is the key to building your online community. This is something that attracts people to your page. If you are not sure of what to post initially, share articles that you find interesting on other pages, news papers but these should be related to your niche.

To get a head start, post gifs and videos that are funny and entertaining and boost it to your targeted niches. GIFs. Short videos have more engagement rates compared to text posts and can go viral, this will help you achieve virality. You can browse websites like Giphy, Omigu, Gifbooster to get some post ideas.

Research for content that is educative, entertaining, informative, inspiring – overall it should be engaging for your followers!

If a community is inactive for a long period of time, followers might lose interest and even leave your community. How often do you post matters a lot, It’s good to post 3-4 times a week. Follow a pattern – a blog or news article one day, image the other day, video content for another day.

As you start making posts and build your audiences, people will interact with your content by liking them, sharing them, commenting on them. People will develop a liking towards your page if you appreciate good posts, re-sharing and crediting the users, responding to the queries. As the community grows it becomes difficult to react to everything but allot some time everyday to handle this task.

Building a community is not an overnight job, it certainly takes time and energy but it will definitely give you added advantage in the long run. It’s just like cultivating a farmland – you plant seeds, water it, carefully grow it over time to harvest and get you the riches.
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