Reach your previous site visitors - Basics of Retargeting

Earlier, if you had tried purchasing air tickets or if you were just browsing through a product on an online store, you might have noticed ads coming with exactly the same travel destinations that you have tried booking or the products that you have browsed. You also might have noticed these ads coming up even if you were browsing some other websites - Online advertisers call it Retargeting.

What is Retargeting
Retargeting is the practice of showcasing your ads to the audience who have previously visited your page. These ads serve as a constant reminder for the audience to complete an action on your website.

Why Retargeting
We spend thousands of rupees on marketing campaigns to get traffic, visitors to our campaign page. What happens when they leave without buying your product!
They are just gone!
By doing retargeting campaign, you get another chance to turn your visitors into buyers. Since they already visited your site, seeing your ad again and again might compel them to buy your product. It’s just that you need to craft your ads with right messaging to do so!

How it works
Here is a detailed info graphic on how retargeting campaigns work.

Go through the next session to learn how to launch a Retargeting campaign!

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