Creating a Retargeting Campaign

Custom audiences help you capture the people who are already aware of your business or the product. This audience can be retargeted to create the purchase intent and drive further sales.

Here are the detailed steps:

1. Login to your Facebook Ads Manager and go the Audiences Page

2. Now, click on Create Audience button and select Custom Audience

3. Now, a popup will appear asking ‘How do you want to create this audience?’ Select Website Traffic.

4. To create audience for retargeting select ‘People visiting specific web pages but not others’.

5. Enter the URL of the campaign and paste the values ‘thank_you, cash_on_delivery, success or cod’ in the box as shown

6. Now that your retargeting audience is created, you can come back to your Audiences page, select the Audience Name for which you want to run retargeting campaign and click on Create Ad button to launch the campaign.

You can also create custom audiences for the page visitors, this will help you at a later stage for scaling your campaigns or retargeting ads for new campaigns launched targeting the same niche. To create custom audience of campaign page visitors, go through the following steps.

7. Once you are in audience page, click on custom audience and select website traffic as shown in steps 2,3 and select ‘People who visit specific webpages’

8. Now, paste your campaign URL, enter the number of days you want to capture, type in the audience name and click on create audience.

Check out the next tutorial to learn about Lookalike audiences in Facebook and how you can create them

Making Adcopies for your Retargeting Ad

Through retargeting ads you target those who already visited your webpage, engaged with your ad copy – so it makes sense to throw away an attractive proposition that makes them revisit your page.

The attractive proposition can be a discount code, promotion offer, communicating product options (availability in different product types, colours) or create a sense of urgency by making it look exclusive. Some campaigner use keywords like ‘Limited Edition’, ‘Limited Stocks’, ‘Few copies left’ to ignite the purchase intent.
Image post ads, Banner ads, Carousel ads all work well for retargeting. Here are some sample retargeting ads for your reference!

Sample 1 – Banner ad

Sample 2 – Image post ad

Sample 3 – Carousel Ad showcasing multiple product types, colors

Sample 4 – Retargeting ad showing PROMO CODE

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