Creating Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audience is the set of audience that are similar to the ‘source audience’ that you have captured. The source audience can be your page visitors, buyers or any custom audience that was created.

Facebooks algorithm identifies the demographics, interests of the people similar to the audiences in your custom audiences and creates the lookalike audience. Example, if you have a created a custom audience of buyers of a campaign, the lookalike audience will have profiles, people with similar or common interests. This will help you in reaching fresh set of audience for your campaigns and scale to get more sales.

Here is how the ‘Lookalike Audience’ works

Go through the following steps to create ‘Lookalike Audiences’

1.Go to your audiences page, select the source audience, click on ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Create Lookalike’

2.Now a popup will appear. Select ‘India’ from the dropdown and click on Create Audience.

3.This helps you create Lookalike audience of the Top 1% of those who closely match to your source audience. Now if you want to run a campaign for the lookalike, select the audience and click ‘Create Ad’ button to launch a new campaign targeting them

4.You can also create lookalike audience for the people who have different ranges of similarity. Example you can create different tiers of Lookalike audience who are similar to the source audience. To create them, click on Show Advanced Options

5.Select no of audiences, here we have chosen three as shown in the screenshot. This will help me create lookalikes those are 1%, 1%-2%, 2%-5% similar to the source audience in different tiers and audiences.

6.If you want to create lookalike who match the best 1%-2%, select the Number of audiences as ‘1’ and adjust the slider position as shown in the screenshot.

7.Your lookalike Audiences are created in your audience’s page as shown in the screenshot. You can launch a campaign by selecting the audience and clicking ‘Create Ad’ button.

8.You can also alternatively create lookalike audiences by clicking the ‘Create Audience’ button in your Audiences page and select the ‘Lookalike Audience’ option

9.Now select the source audience from the list and click ‘Create Audience’

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