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Author, Dreamer, Entrepreneur Ritesh shares his experiences of tshirt selling briefly talking about his learnings on marketing, designing, niche research.

Following is the journey of Ritesh in his own words...

Hello Guys,
Please spare some time as this article is too long but definitely it will help you.
For the last 1 month I am researching about Face book marketing and the other related stuffs. My campaigns are not a big success yet even after repeated trials as I am a new comer to this field. But yes, I must say I have learned a lot from my failure.

In this 1 month I saw almost 700+video tutorials , read numerous case studies, blogs, subscribed top seller’s video’s etc. Around 16 hours in a day i sit in front of my laptop only to learn some effective tricks so that i too can run big successful campaigns. I see tutorials even when my eyes were paining. Every day I am learning. This field is like an ocean, there are numbers of methods of finding niche, targeting, getting new design idea etc. So what I learned is not to stick with a single method.

I never heard something like MDS one and half month before. That was the 1st time I started using Facebook backend panel for promoting my ads. Prior to that I have never heard the word niche, Face Book Marketing, or any platform like MDS.

I Want to share few of my experience with some beginners like me.

"If you are really passionate about this field then only you will get a huge success, don’t try to make it a part time job."

As we all know we are searching for a passionate niche. First be passionate about learning stuff for this field. And do the same thing like your niches are doing.

So here few tips,

Niche Selection:
This is the most difficult part for me till now, I made a lots of mistakes to find a right niche for Indian audience. If you are feeling same difficulties like me than simply visit:

Do visit all shopping websites to find the right niche. Don’t always go for bestselling products, it is not always necessary that the bestselling products will give you a right niche study and analyse deep to find a new niche.

Points to remember:
• Try to search a niche which is less marketed before among Indian audience (and this is the big part)
• Don’t always start with profession niches, as many of beginners does this, think from audience point of view, every day they get a new design with similar quotes or saying. Anyone will get irritated with this.
• Your niche must be passionate about their hobbies/ interests etc.
• Your niche should always be socially connected.
• They should be online buyers.
• Don’t try to search a very unique niche


If you are not a good designer, don’t worry about it, go and hire any designer from the site

Design Idea:
You can search few of these sites to get T-shirt ideas,
• Viralstyle
• Tee Chip
• Tee-spring
• Threadmeup
• Moteefe
• Gearbubble
• Teezily
• Customcat
• Printify
• Odesk
• Elance
The reason for suggesting these sites is because in Indian websites you will not get more designs related to Niche(Text) T-shirt designing.
Search Quotes/ saying and T-shirt for “Niche” in Google and pintrest. You can download few FREE chrome extension to short out top pined images.
But Don’t always choose top pinned quotes in pintrest because everyone doing same. Dig deeper and search a quote which have enough pins and never marked before. Kindly always remember “NEVER EVER COPY ANY DEISNGS”

Niche Keywords:

Again this is a very important part to have right knowledge about your niche, if you are launching 2-3 niches at the same time and you don’t have time for research work (which is not good) than you can download some chrome extension to search related keywords for your niche. As a part of targeting this is really very important factor to know about your sub niches and their related keywords.

Indian Audience Behaviors:

We Indians don’t have patience for anything. Hence that is why we can’t hold to get our order in hand for 15-20 days (manufacturing Printing and shipping is not a small process, I personally know this as a customized T-shirt brand holder)

You can write in your product description page “This is a Pre-order Product it will get printed and manufactured after the campaign ends”.

Effect :
It will decrease your number of orders placed but it will also decrease your order returns.
This is a customer psychology that a passionate buyer will not return his product after getting delivered in 15-20 days

We Indians mostly like to place a COD order. Because we don’t trust anyone easily, so we always want to play safer side. As a beginner don’t remove COD option from your campaign.

ADD to cart Check:
This check is always been done by customers. We just want to confirm whether the website is charging for COD or not. If MRP is 499, then a buyer always wants to get the product with COD in same price (No extra COD charges). Personally I have found there are 200+ add to cart in Rs.2000 ad and i sold only 25-30.

Again this is a psychology, always display Rs.50/- off for prepaid buyers, this will reduce your COD orders. Please don’t worry if someone desperately wants the product he will not get worried about extra COD charges.

Design Type:
There are 2 type of designs: 1.Creative
It depends on niche and the person. Suppose your target is from creative field like photography or designers, they will prefer simple with stylish design or very creative designs. But if you are targeting lawyer, doctor etc. They will go for simple designs.

Targeting is a very important factor:
Interests Which Can Give You Tons of Sales -
- Brands (Target those brands which only a passionate person in the niche knows about it)
- Products ( books , clothing , movies , accessories , tools,…)
- Public Figures (public , private , contest…..)
- Organizations
- Charities
- Sub Niches
Another golden resources which gives tons and tons of conversions. (use this wisely)

Always start with your campaign with PPE ads.Keep these points in mind.

Ad Set:
• In India you will find Most of the passionate niches within the 18-24 age.
• In India Male are more passionate about their niches in compare to females (not in all cases)
• We Indians Mostly use Android phones.
• Start your ad budget from 200-250/day, keep it for 2-3 days, if you get sales then increase your budget.
• Give some time to analyze data for some confusing ad sets.
a) Get you lot of social interaction - and very less sales or no sales.
b) Sales are different every day.
c) Suddenly, no sales.

Ad Copy:
• Make your PPE ad Copy clear so people can easily see your designs.
• 1200x1200 Pixels or 1200x628 Pixels (Facebook recommended) is a perfect size for ad copy.
• Don’t use too much text quotes in designs, try to search a saying or quote with minimum text (not always).
• If you are using lots of text in designs then use a background image related to that niche which can describe your niche, so people will get idea that you are taking about their niche only( for WC ads) .
• If your quote is small then use a plain background, so it should look very clear
• Don’t use too flashy fonts or images in your ad copy.
• Write anything that will attract buyers, keep fear in their mind that if they will not order it now they will goanna loose the opportunity (it will create more link clicks, so more people will land on your product page)

Campaign Results (for good ad sets):
3 days of Rs.200/day budget

Cost per engagement - between 0.40- 0.90
CTR(all) > 5%
Cost per link –Between Rs.2- Rs.7
Link clicks 1 click/ Rs.10
Likes and emotions 200-350 likes for Rs.200
Share 5-10 shares for Rs.200
Reach 100 People/ Rs.10
Good number of photo click
Add to cart 30% of ad clicks

Don’t get disappointed if you are not getting these results. If you are getting sales keep that ad set.

Website Conversion (WC) Ads:

• Go for Website Conversion ads only after you get few successful campaigns with PPE ads.
• WC works best for Custom and look like audiences.
• Always use retargeting with Website Conversion Ads
I always go for a broad audience

Buyer’s behaviors:

• If your link clicks are good it means people liked your designs that is why they are clicking on the link.
• If link clicks are high but people not buying it, it means product price and COD charge is the issue. Hence buyer will add your product in their cart.


Create custom audience to re-target campaigns (for more details please visit Mubaid’s blog)

Look a like Audience:

To target similar millions of audience create a look like audience for your face book page (for more details please visit Mubaid’s blog).


This is the method where you can reach millions of audience and thousands of sales in few days. As I told you I am a beginner so don’t know much more about it you just have to check these stats and target them. Placement and device
Age group
Day etc."Check where your ad set performing better, then split those age sets according to above stats then scale it."

Audience Insights:

Use this tool to know more about your audience, what they like, their age groups demographics, ad clicks, top category etc.

Search from different related keywords or sub niches of your niche to get more specific audience. Always remember that Indians likes random pages on face book that is why relevance audience doesn’t work well in India. For example if you search Photography in audience insights it will show random pages and topics that are relevant to photography but this audience would not be passionate about photography. If you will follow same niche in US or in some other country, you will get a quality audience in relevant pages who are really interested about photography (Note:- This is the Biggest trick I am sharing with you all )

Facebook page:

Always create a separate face book page for a specific niche. Always keep sharing stuff related to that particular niche in your page. It will keep your audience. Make sure your face book page doesn’t look fake. Always give a short brief introduction about the page column.

Best time to run your FB ads:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Evening (6pm-12.30am)

Keep Writing Notes:

Keep writing notes for every failed and successful campaign. It will give you experience which is in turn a learning. Always take screenshot of your ad sets.Always remember this is a business. Every day is not same you have to prepare your mind to face loss. And as i said this is a business so don’t hesitate to invest money in your ads. This is a main part of the game.

Because I have not found any successful campaigner sharing their experience and learning (except Mubaid and few more) . Just sharing screenshot of success will not make a huge change.
Do you remember those days when we were in schools and we used to share our Tiffin’s....the kind of happiness we used to get, 5-10 different dishes every day. But eating same tiffin alone everyday will make you bored and you will only taste and experience same monotonous dish but sharing shows the other aspects as well. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say. 

About the Author:
Ritesh Rangare is one of our top campaigners of My Dream Store. He has done his Bachelor’s from National Institute of Technology, Calicut. He has extreme passion towards writing. He has written a book called "Evolution of Inglorious Moron".

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