How to use facebook ads wisely :

In this article one of our top Campaigners explains on how to use facebook ads wisely. He also adds some tips about the Niche and returns too.

Following are the words of Avinash Babu….

Hi dreamers,
Previously there used to be 20 percent text rule for your ad images on Facebook. Your ads get approved only if the text on the image eats 20% area of that image. We have tools to check that by uploading the image.
Now, rules have changed. Your ad gets approved even if it has more than 20% text,but there is twist.
More text = Less reach,
Less text = More reach.
Note: Audience will get annoyed if there is more text in the ad.
So, I suggest you to continue with the 20% rule for better reach and performance of your ad.


About the Author:
Avinash Babu is one of the pioneer campaigners of My Dream Store. He has worked with Tv-9 as a reporter. He mastered himself in Digital Marketing and SEO by working in several companies like Radical networks and the First meal.

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