New Experiment & Breaking the Records :

This article explains about the experimentation with My Dream store and breaking the Records. He shares few tips to the campaigner’s about the strategy used to break the records.

Following are the words of Mubaid…

Strategy Used - 
1. Researched a lot to find a passionate niche with large audience size.
2. Tested the audience by running couple of campaign if they will buy online.
3. After 2-3 successful campaigns to same niche, created 10 top class designs targeted towards same niche which are not available anywhere.
4. Created a Store Front and added all those designs.
5. Created Look alike Audience using Checkout Pixel of earlier campaigns. 6. Ran Website Conversion Ad to Lookalike Audience starting with low budget and sent all traffic to Store Front which now became a mini store
7. Watched sales increase day by day until touching almost 1500 tees in a day.

Sounds simple enough right? It is simple. Just have to know the basics - How to laser target, how to read reports, how to optimize ads, how to scale once you find a successful campaign. Then it all depends on your creativity and hard work. Just don't give up. Keep trying and keep learning.. :)

Detailed blog post on this strategy will be explained in next article Plus, a news - The Video Course (My Dream Store Domination) is almost complete and will be launched in 2-3 days, where I will be sharing everything I know - step by step.. :) 

About the Author:
Mubaid is one of the top campaigners of My Dream Store and is the founder of online t-shirts brand and have been selling t-shirts for past 2 years now (1 Lakhs + tees sold). He started selling on other platforms in Nov 2015 and has sold 20,000+ tees in just 2 months! He loves digital marketing and keeps experimenting with different marketing strategies. Crazy about Video Games, Anime.

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